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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell properties in Malta, our agents will be there for you every step of the way. With our low commission fees and dedicated property agents, we are confident that we can help you find a property that meets your needs.

Why buy property in Malta? 


It is an excellent time to buy property in Malta because of the stable housing market conditions and affordable mortgage interest rates. The current housing market is favorable for buyers because of a steady supply of real estate and there are plenty of good properties up for grabs.

This is also an excellent time for buyers looking for investment properties because Malta has an attractive rental market, with certain localities in Malta offering excellent, above-average returns on investment.

The rental demand for property in Malta. 


The rental market in Malta is booming. This is a huge shift from the past. In the past, the coastal towns were the prime locations for investors looking for investment properties to rent seasonally to tourists. Locals were more likely to purchase their properties, so the demand for rental properties year-round was not significant. 

However, today rentals are more in demand in central areas of Malta such as Balzan and Lija. This is due to an influx of foreigners looking to work in Malta’s ever-growing iGaming and financial services industries. These expats are more inclined to rent than to purchase their homes. This is the biggest driver of the increased demand for rental properties. 

Apartments and maisonettes are the most in-demand rental properties right now.


 Property as an investment.


It is a great time to look for a Malta property investment because it is almost guaranteed that the property will generate rental revenue. Malta’s current high demand for rental properties has also resulted in an increase in rent prices, which is favorable for investors looking for properties to rent to tenants. 


Why Lea Properties?


Lea Properties is an excellent choice when seeking a Malta property agent because of our lower commission, our professional agents, and our dedication to helping you find what you’re searching for. 

  • Lower commission: We pride ourselves on providing a premium service for a low commission.
  • Professional agents that tailor to your property needs: Our property agents aim to provide you with listings specifically tailored to your needs. 

Your successful search for properties in Malta is our business: Our priority is to help you find your dream property, whether it be your next home or an investment property. If you’re searching for a property in Malta, we will help you find it!


Explore properties across Malta 


The most sought-after properties in Malta are apartments, maisonettes, houses of character, and penthouses. The increased demand and popularity of apartments and maisonettes have resulted in a construction boom for these properties. 


An apartment is a single unit within a building with a shared entrance. Apartments can be single-story or two-story units. Two-story units are called duplex apartments. Apartments are an excellent option for buyers who are looking for a versatile property – they can be purchased as a home or as an investment property to rent. Their versatility makes them one of the most popular types of real estate.  

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Street view of old town apartments in Malta


A maisonette is a single unit within a building that has its private entrance. Like apartments, maisonettes can be single-story units or duplexes. If the maisonette is the only unit in the building, then it is referred to as a solitary maisonette or solitary duplex maisonette, depending on the number of stories. 

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Blue wall maisonette with flowers in front in Malta

Houses of character

A house of character is a single, detached structure. What makes houses of character unique is that they are traditional Maltese homes that can date back 500 years. The original architecture and delicate craftsmanship of past centuries are preserved and modern updates are added to adapt these homes for life in the 21st century. A house of character is truly a unique type of property, it is like owning a piece of history.  

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Yellow wall multiple store Malta house of character


Penthouses are single top-floor units within a building with a shared entrance. Penthouses can be single-story or duplexes. Penthouses are a wonderful option for buyers who prefer apartment living with extra outdoor space, more privacy, and exceptional views. 

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Beautiful view on a Malta Penthouse

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